Arizer Extreme Q Review

There are more expensive vaporizers out there than the Extreme Q. (The Volcano, anyone?) And there are cheaper ones, too, of course. For those with a set amount of money in mind (and who have no other criteria that are important to them), their vaporizer review begins and ends with the price tag.

But for those who want a variety of delivery options for receiving their medicine, there is no better choice than the Extreme Q Vaporizer, brought out in 2008 by Arizer of Canada (makers of the V-Tower).
The Extreme Q Vaporizer heats up in three minutes or less, to a temperature of between 100 and 400 degrees depending on your choice. Temperature is accurate to the degree. Once it has warmed up, the user of medicine can at any given time choose among three different means of delivery.
Direct Inhalation. You attach the medical tubing to the base, with a swivel permitting a range of movement.
Balloon System. You attach the balloon kit (like the Volcano), along with a glass adapter, to the bowl (and set the fan on its maximum setting for the densest layer of vapor). This is great if you are vaporizing with other people or if you want to be portable.
Forced Air System. This involves a three-speed air fan in tandem with the swivel ground glass whip function. (Set the fan on low to medium for best results if you choose this delivery method.) Incidentally, our tests reveal the fan to be surprisingly quiet, which seems to make a big difference to many at home users.

There are two additional features of the Extreme Q Vaporizer that you may or not be interested in, but they’re distinctive, and we’d be remiss not to mention them.

They are:
The LCD Display. If you want to set the temperature, check the actual temperature (and it does both in Centigrade as well as Fahrenheit), and find out at a glance what the fan speed it, the display is a big plus. Many vaporizer users don’t care about or use a timer feature, but it’s here.
The Remote. Here again, this is something you may not have any occasion to use. But should you want to make use of it, keep in mind that it controls all of the primary functions of the machine.
However you use it, the Extreme Q is a quality high end vaporizer. The ceramic heating element is complemented by that super-quiet three speed air fan, which sees to it that you have the desired proportions of air and heat with each draw. The filling chamber is made of Pyrex. The glass adapters and balloon kits resist everyday wear and tear, and all things considered the components of the Extreme Q Vaporizer more than justify the lifetime warranty offered by Arizer. (We should point out that the warranty covers only “normal use,” and you can pay modest fees to replace any of the parts that fail.)

So there’s your choice. If you don’t want to shell out the big bucks for the Volcano, the Extreme Q offers an extremely desirable and affordable alternative, with solid craftsmanship and (again) all that versatility in terms of how the machine is used.