Vaporization does not have to be expensive; there are currently many different vaporizers available for any budget or need.

Cheap vaporizers of decent quality are currently being produced by several different manufacturers. For anyone who has wanted to buy a vaporizer but hesitated because of price now is an excellent time to finally make a purchase. There are a wide range of vaporizer being manufactured and sold today. There are hundreds of professional vaporizer models covering many different styles.

Many of these styles such as vaporizer pipes, heat gun vaporizers, and portable vaporizers are very affordable. Vaporizer pipes can be found for around $50 and there are heat gun accessories for use with a water pipe and the Vapir portable vaporizer can be had for around $100. That is a relatively low price considering the significant health benefits of vaporization. Arizer solo and Pax by Ploom are currently one of the favorites in the $200-$300 range.

These vaporizer models are also much more efficient than combustion methods and require much less herb to be effective. This will save money over time. Depending on your planned uses and how much herb you normally use the cost saving could be significant. There are some vaporizers that while more expensive than some of the cheapest options available are now to be extremely efficient.

If cost is a concern for you and you are a heavy smoker you could potentially cut back significantly on your herb costs. A couple hundred extra dollars spent on a top vaporier could pay for itself within a few months for some users.